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One of my MANY pathetic weaknesses (or “meager talents” depending on your politics) as a “writer” (other than the over use of parentheses and “quotations”) is the homonym—see the headlines / titles of the two middle cartoons for evidence that you can bag and gather for my future conviction.

You might ask in your most obnoxious Jerry Seinfeld impression voice, “So what’s the deal with homonyms?” I’m not sure actually, perhaps it’s listening to just far too many song lyrics like Iggy Pop’s, “I’m bored. I’m the chairman of the bored.” Although that doesn’t explain why I like it. Of course who really KNOWS why they like anything? What’s your favorite color? Why?

If I had to make a quick self-diagnosis on my homonym affliction it probably has more than a little bit to do with being the passive sort who would much rather while away many an hour daydreaming about “sects/sex” rather than actively engaging in the physical world to better the planet. Yet again, it all comes down to me being sort of a pussy. Rejected Fortune Cookie Submission #596: “Better a pussy than a warmonger bee.”

Sometimes I think I’d love to make wordless cartoons that people could appreciate without everything being so tied to the English language. So far all half-assed attempts at wordlessness have failed, and my current works have yet to be translated into other languages, alas.

In happier cartoonity, this month features two of my favorites at the top of the page. If one is to trust a free online translation, the second speech balloon in the top right in French would read, “Je suis désolé, vous me parliez, ou mon jumeau identique?”

You can always click on these black and white cartoons to read more about them, and buy the original drawings for your wall beautification.

Back to that bad Seinfeld impression voice, “What’s the deal with a month of weekly cartoons from eleven years ago featuring SIX cartoons?” [Resume reading in your normal internal voice] If I remember correctly, I think what happened was the one at the bottom right never ran, as “Jim Morrison” was deemed a reference too esoteric for the “kids.” Yet another argument I didn’t really have it in me to fight to the death about—I, of course, only fight for the unborn.

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