Morrison  |  Chicago Tribune “Kidnews” 08/22/94

A “lost” (or more acurately “unpulished”) cartoon. Usually things get rejected at the rough stage, but this made it to final art before being rejected. I didn’t really buy the editor’s argument that the “kids” would have no idea who Jim Morrison was, as the Oliver Stone movie had come out a few years previously and it seemed there was another Doors resurgence much like there had been when “Apocalypse Now” came out fifteen years earlier—and if ANY school in the Midwest has a non-uniform policy, there will be dudes in jeans and concert shirts, and more than a few of them are gonna be Doors fans.

What? You’ll pay me for the cartoon even if it doesn’t run because you’re pulling it last minute and I did the final art? Why yes, I’ll absolutely bend to your will, and we’ll pretend this didn’t happen.

Original art available for $35.

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