Froggie Frog(g)  |  Chicago Tribune “Kidnews” 06/28/94

Again with the pop culture references that I now try to avoid in an effort to make my works more errrr, “timeless”... Will “Gangsta Rap” be remembered? Snoop Dogg? Myself? Yourself? The type of computer you’re reading this on? The style of chair you’re sitting in?

Since I’m kneeling in cartoon confessional, I admit I’m guilty of drawing a Snoopy Doggy Dogg cartoon a couple of years after this one. If this website is still limping along, you’ll see it sometime in 2006.

Only the most anal amongst you will notice the date on this cartoon does not reflect the publication date. When it ran on this week the date was magically erased, as the cartoon that was originally to run on this date was flipped with this one to support a theme issue. Make sense, or was that just a TOTALLY unnecessary waste of time and energy explanation?

Original art available for $45.

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