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It’s never too early to start looking seriously at your Valentine’s Day 2006 card purchasing options. Amazingly, as this has NEVER happened in the fifteen plus years I’ve been doing work for Recycled Paper Greetings; a card I’ve submitted has tested “number one” (that’s “number one” not in the elementary school bodily function sense, but rather ranking at the top spot of the 72 holiday cards that were tested last February). What this potentially means, is that sometime in January 2006, a hopefully large amount of my cards will be somewhat more easily found in stores near you carrying the Recycled line. OBVIOUSLY, more will be typed about this as we get closer to the actual roll out date, but as a teaser, the background image this month is a faux duotone / Paris-Hilton-night-vision-pornography cropping of the image that appears full color on the card. It’s my first photo card, and if it can make people actually reach for their wallets, more such kitty photo cards might well be secreted into the marketplace, and my cat may finally earn his keep.

Hmmmm... Should I wonder why the other Valentine design of mine tested was a cartoon one that placed 43rd and didn’t get picked up? Am I a Wegman-esque (or to be more species accurate a Tony Mendoza-like) photographer butterfly awaking from a cartoon cocoon; or is this just a one-off fluke? Only time will tell. Of course those of you more well versed in chaos theory than I, might better predict the possible “butterfly effect” disastrous consequences of the former scenario. Feel free to fill me in...

But enough of that, let’s crawl back into the warm welcoming cartoon cocoon, away from all worldly concerns (Iraq Problems? What Iraq Problems? Global Poverty? What Global Poverty? Evangelical Boobs? What Evangelical Boobs?)—to aid in such perhaps dubious pastimes, here are four more cartoons from eleven years ago that originally appeared in the “Kidnews” section of The Chicago Tribune. Each drawing is now lovingly re-scanned for your potential clicking engagement, enlargement, reading enjoyment, original art acquiring, etcetera, etcetera.

As ever: email me; order things from me; but please don’t hit me in the head with a cinder block; and thank you for reading.



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