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Another month, another quartet of cartoons from eleven years ago. I suppose if you were to match each cartoon to a “Beatle”: upper right might be John; lower right perhaps Paul; lower left, George; and upper left, Ringo. Of course not being a “Beatologist” (although sometimes I wonder if they were totally ignored in their time, would I love them now?) this S.A.T. answer might be incorrect. Please whip me now Headmaster.

As always (post-whipping), click on the black and white cartoons to read intimate details on their creation and buy them for your home or office (or your gnome or orifice).

Meanwhile, a dusty crackly vinyl LP skips and repeats, “Email of greetings/condolences are always encouraged, and visits to the order form would not be frowned upon.” In the distance a fire continues to burn and things are left unsaid. [Sentence number 396 of my unfinished novel. Sentence number 1,014 is, “You mean to tell me ALL brands of dry food being feed to cats are turning them into diabetics?!?!?”]

The Background image this month is a detail of a Tokihiro Sato photo (Yoko, if you’re continuing the tired “Beatles” quiz from the first paragraph. Perhaps mis-remembered quote from somebody (Byron Coley?), “I will always appreciate Yoko for bumming out an entire generation of Beatles fans...”); if you’re in Chicago, the exhibit is up at The Art Institute through May 8th and is certainly worth a look.

Until next month. My sincere b(r)e(a)st,



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