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In the words of my favorite college philosophy professor (this is a shout out to you T. Vickers), “Time is one funky mother f#$&er...” Sooooo, let’s quickly get on with things.

IF I’m still continuing with the Sisyphean task of putting up my complete run of “Kidnews” cartoons on this site three years from now, you’ll see the final version of the rough below. I believe the title is, “Things you do for your dog that you just KNOW the President has someone else do.” Oh, for those days of Clinton and Buddy in the the White House.

As always, you can click on the black and white cartoons in the margins to see larger versions and read more about them. If you choose to do that, also take time to lift a glass to the background image of Shep The Wonder Dog who shuffled off this mortal coil the end of July. SALUT!

Yours in (Philip K.) Dick,



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