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pet hair

Astoundingly, even though this book has been out since 1999 and it contains a letter to ME that I never received from 1993 I didn’t know about this until just last month. A BIG thank you to poetry aficionado Scott in Noblesville for alerting me (and yes Scott a proper package full of “goodies” is on the way to you after I get this site updated).


Not to be a “quote tease” BUT I will not share the contents of this letter online, as I hope to use it when I self-publish my next collection. NO date set for this tome, as I’ve finally just reached the decision to stop trying to get a “deal” with an agent or publisher and just do it myself in a small limited edition à la the WONDERFUL “ACME Novelty Library” books Chris Ware is doing. Uh, I use “à la” in the sense that it will have drawings, be self-published, and probably hard cover, but other than that, you’d be hard pressed to compare them in any meaningful way.

So instead, I’ll leave you with a few lines from the Bukowski poem, “For The Foxes”:

    I am a dog walking

    I am a broken

    I am a telephone wire
    strung up in
    Toledo, Ohio

That probably just about sums it up.

Until next year then, from my terminal to yours, fondly,



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