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Yet again, I turn this main text over to the “constructive criticism” from my young readers. And yet again, you are encouraged to click on the black and white cartoons in the margins to see larger versions and read even more pixelated text about them (can you find the blasphemous beaver?). You’re certainly also free to buy original artwork to help pay for the LOVELY $1,300 car repair I’ve just been informed of...

Thanks for scrolling down this far, and if you have, I’ll leave you with a note on the background image. It may be my favorite shot of actress Colleen Moore, who I was pretty much TOTALLY unfamiliar with until earlier this month, having picked up a 1934 Big Little Book from an antique shop in Stratford Ontario. I’ll probably type about said book next month, so consider this a “teaser.”

In bob haircuts,




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