Keiko  |  Chicago Tribune “Kidnews” 07/26/94

For all still sharing the concern of 12-year-old Jana from Addison who wrote in 1994, “Keiko is very sick, and may die because of the bad environment that he is in. I don’t think that this is a joking matter.”

Your minds will be put at ease (that is if one is to believe the faq on “Right now, for the first time ever, Keiko is in an open fjord without nets or pens. He is free to choose whether to stay or go.”

My policy at “Kidnews” was to never respond to my “hate mail” but IF I did, perhaps it would have been something to the effect of, “Dearest Jana, much like the water Keiko expels when he surfaces, might I suggest you BLOW ME. Most Sincerely, Adam”

This drawing is on a now yellowing piece of thin typing paper as opposed to my regular drawing stock hence the low price.

Original art available for $35.

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