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I guess the answer to “just how quickly?” is “not as quickly as I’d like,” but for you dear reader I continue to go the extra mile. Neither snow, nor rain, nor new day job shall stay this courier from somewhat swift completion of his self-appointed rounds.

To that paraphrased postal motto end, here are five more cartoons from the early nineties delivered for your clicking pleasure. Each black and white pictograph will open oyster-like into a wondrous new window featuring the pearl that is the larger cartoon, even more of this purple prose, and a button for your online shopping pleasure.

It is pure coincidence the background image behind the cartoons this month as well as the last month, is panda-esque. Being without a computer in my new workspace (allegedly a temporary condition—computer is in, but no monitor), I’ve taken to reading the non-online “The New York Times” during lunch, and ripped out this bit from page A20 on Tuesday, October 18, 2005: “After 100 Days, Panda Cub Gets A Name.” Seems the National Zoo’s giant panda has been named “Tai Shan” (pronounced tie SHON) which is Chinese for “peaceful mountain.”

Not the name I would have chosen, but as is oft the case, I was not consulted. If so, I might have put up: “Nixon Totally Sucked But He Actually Looks Good Compared to George W” or “Fluffer Nutter.” Credit where credit is due to the great photo on newsprint by Jesse Cohen via Reuters.

All right, it’s late, so I’ll sign off with a reference that if recognized without Googling, means you are probably too preoccupied with your record collection.

Pander! Panda! Panzer!



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