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Another month, another trip back in time eleven years ago to the April 1994 “Kidnews” section of “The Chicago Tribune.” If you are so moved, click on the black and white cartoons to see larger versions of these cartoons, read more about their creation, and purchase them to hang on the walls of your summer home or trailer. The upper left cartoon is presented to you in its original form, rest assured the word “castrated” did not appear in front of the eyes of innocent children. Despite my argument that I was building their “word power,” which would help them correctly answer, “NO!” when a stranger approaches and asks, “Do you want to come to my house eat candy, read comic books, and get castrated?”

And typing of building tween “word power,” the act of defaming Michael Bolton is apparently enough to actually motivate people to send a letter to the editor. Couple more notes from my pen pals to be seen if you click on the letter on this page. Hell hath no fury...

Unrelatedly, everything this month is floating upon the digital surface of Loch Ness. If one is to believe a March 13, 1994 story in “The Sunday Telegraph,” the “Nessie” photograph always thought to have been taken by Harley Street gynecologist, Colonel Robert Wilson on April 19, 1934—was actually taken by Mr. Marmaduke Arundel Wetherell, actor, film producer, self-styled “big game hunter” and self-publicist who needed someone convincing to make the hoax work.

To paraphrase Andy Warhol, “My idea of a good picture is one that’s out-of-focus of a famous monster.” My series of giant digital prints of Photoshop abstractions of stills from “The Exorcist” at this point only exists as a notebook scrawling. So many uncompensated distractions, so little time.

Unless there is a terrible accident flying to, from, or in New Orleans, I’ll be scrolling down your screen next month with new/old content. Your attention, email, and order form purchases are always appreciated.

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