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Please print out this order form; fill it out and send it in with your order. All prices include postage.

Feel free to send checks or money orders made out to "Adam Green". If you want to pay by credit card you can now do so, (albeit in a round about way) through PayPal. The account you are making payments to is adam@remypublishing.com. All prices include postage, BUT if you are ordering from outside the United States PLEASE add an extra five (or ten if you're feeling generous) dollars to your order. Allow 10-14 days for delivery.

B O O K S    

$12.00 per book      ______ copies of "Adam Green's Book Of Hollow Days"
**************                    (cover) and (some sample cartoons:   1   2   3   4)

$9.95 per book        ______ copies of the signed & numbered "Crazy Straws And Broken Hearts"
**************                    (cover) and (a few sample cartoons unique to this edition:   1   2   3)

$9.95 per book        ______ copies of the revised "Crazy Straws" "What Were You In A Previous Life?"
**************                    (cover) and (some sample cartoons unique to this edition:   1   2   3   4)

O R I G I N A L   A R T W O R K    

E-mail to reserve, or list alternates and take your chances (this is a small selection of what's "in stock", if you have something specifically in mind from a book or greeting card, just ask it may very well be available):

$100 per drawing          ______ "Tying One's Dog To A Post"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Untitled (Batman)"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Edward Lizardhands"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Nightmare On Sesame Street"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Rainy Day Fun Activities"  (photo)

***************          ______ "If Animals Could Talk"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Etch A Sketch People"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Tub Fear"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Selective Television Viewing"  (photo)

***************          ______ "Teachers' Lounge"  (photo)

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(Checks or money orders made out to "Adam Green" are always encouraged. Allow 10-14 days for delivery.)

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