Naked  |  Chicago Tribune “Kidnews” 10.24.95

Even IF this is true, as was the “buzz” at the time. Does having a word flash by at 1/30th a second REALLY influence the viewer? What if the person watching can’t spell or isn’t an English speaker?

Of course thanks to the wonders of the internet you can find out about other blatant messages in this film as “chesslady70” types:

“Besides the extreme graphic violence, including fratricide, in this supposedly ‘G’ rated film, there are subtle anti-Moslem aspects to this film that even I, as a non-Moslem, noticed. The most noticeable is when the hyenas are beginning to close in on their victims, the lion pride. The camera shoots to the quarter moon and star in the sky, the symbol of Islam.”

Original cartoon art available for $80.

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