Apollo  |  Chicago Tribune “Kidnews” 09.12.95

I saw “Apollo 13” only because it was one of those summers when I was living in a place with no real air-conditioning, so you either retreat to the theater under the guise of seeing ANYTHING or suffer sweatingly at home.

At said theater there was a note on the ticket window to the effect of, “Air-conditioning is malfunctioning, it IS working, but it’s at the absolute lowest setting and VERY cold.“ I believe this “deep chill” of space made me enjoy the movie more. In a similar way that seeing some Star Trek movie at night on a turbulent airplane flight with scenes of space ships blowing up in a starry dark sky, made me enjoy that movie much less.

Things that will probably never be debated at The United Nations #493: Would “Apollo 13” have been better if Clint Howard was the lead instead of Tom Hanks?

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