Hump  |  Chicago Tribune “Kidnews” 05.30.95

Hmmmmm... Wanted to find out when R.J. Reynolds actually ended this dubious campaign (1997) and taking a quick look at “Wikipedia” the I’m-not-quite-sure-you-can-trust-all-it-says internet encyclopedia it seems, "Mad Magazine once ran a parody ad showing Joe Camel being diagnosed with cancer of the hump.”

Too my knowledge I never saw that particular 1990 Mad Magazine issue (which I did go ahead and find via the wonder of Google here), and I’d LIKE to think my cartoon is more about the way the camel was drawn in the ads and not entirely about the character having hump cancer, BUT maybe I’m just rationalizing and I’m actually the Kaavya Viswanathan of cartooning.

Original cartoon art available for $55.

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