School Days  |  Chicago Tribune “Kidnews” 08/31/93

Not sure how many “tween” readers were actually motivated to further investigate H.L. Mencken after this cartoon appeared, although judging from the best-seller lists he is no J.K. Rowling. That typed, with all sincerity, if these yellowing newspaper drawings made ANYBODY feel better, that was truly my intent.

A few years later talking to a much more “successful” (i.e. daily syndicated) newspaper cartoonist who when I stutteringly explained the above opinion to his question, “What do you think your job as a cartoonist is?” responded rather gruffly, “NO! Your job is to help your paper make money!”

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that since 2001, in newspapers I do seem to “unemployed.” Hmmm...

Original art sold.

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