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Rather brief this month, as I continue to fight the urge to crawl into a hole and die (metaphorically of course) EVERY single friggin’ day I turn on the news—one of my few hopes is that anybody who might be reading these pixels on their screen, will (if they haven’t already) REGISTER TO VOTE!

The above hope is of course followed by: 1) That they will actually vote; 2) And NOT for the current neocon fundamentalist war machine; and 3) The vote will actually be counted and not erased by some touch screen machine with no paper trail manufactured by a company like Diebold whose current CEO Walden “Wally” O’Dell is on record stating that he is “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President”.

I’ll get off my soapbox, as it’s hard to be a frivolicist (yes, that’s a made up word), when you want to throw up.

All right, let’s drift back in time to May 1993 to the yellowing newsprint where this quartet of weekly cartoons first appeared. They are now digitally whitened and brightened for your reading pleasure. Click on one and off you go to see a larger version with “DVD-like” commentary. Note to the frequent visitor, in a long-stewing design decision, I’ve decided to do away with the cartoons opening into separate “pop-up” windows, and am toying with the idea of getting rid of pop-ups throughout the site.

Thanks as always for reading, and feel free to drop me an email.

In hope, I remain,



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