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The color palette for this month is “Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream with Cheap Spoon in C Minor” (ignore the red links and signature, or construct some elaborate justification involving a bloody dessert accident... And yes my mother prefers I use the word “inexpensive” rather than “cheap”... I apologize and ask, “What would Norman Bates say?”).

Things you can click on this month:

A) The bear painting detail upper left.

B) All the black and white “Kidnews” cartoons of March 1993.

I’ve been SLOWLY putting paint to canvas since 2001, and when I type “SLOWLY” in all caps, I mean “SLOWLY” in all caps. In that time, I’ve just completed four 11" x 14" canvases, and am about to embark on a fifth larger one that you would think I could complete before the year is out, but I wouldn’t necessarily put money down on that...

In theory, someday people will see these “works” outside my apartment (and by “outside” I don’t mean in the trash).

Now attempting to segue from the word “trash”... Arguably, some of the cartoons from this month should have remained consigned to the “dustbin of history” BUT here they are like some decomposing zombie rising up from the grave. I assure you, unlike, some decomposing zombie rising up from the grave, they will not consume the flesh of the living.

As is always the case, you can e-mail me to purchase the original artwork of most anything you see on this site. And just saying, “hello” without purchasing anything is always encouraged.

Thanks for reading, voting, and believing in the separation of church and state,


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