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Another “Summer of Love” or continued evidence of apocalyptic global warming—depending on your mood. Here on the computer screen it’s all green grass, garden hoses, and rust spots (because as Mr. Young explained, “Rust Never Sleeps”).

Obviously, I should be working harder on new things so I can have actual “news” for the “newsletter” instead of digging through the “oily rags” of past-published cartoons.

But if you can’t enjoy oily rags, what can you enjoy? They smell so good, sniffing them from a crumpled paper bag in a chilly garage. Mmmmm...

Ignore that misguided glamorization of huffing, and click on the black and white cartoons to see larger versions, read pithy commentary, and use the easy to order one-click buttons to buy original art. Of course if you don’t want to deal with PayPal, email to reserve something and you can send a check or money order.

Since I’m feeling less than verbose, and there are five cartoons this month, I’ve elected to fill the remaining slot with an image of Canadian magician Doug Henning. Who unfortunately died of liver cancer in 2000 at the age of 52.

If I am to believe my limited web “research” which I would love to, hence I’m not going to try to actually confirm what might dispel the following:

The world needs more flying yogis but remember, a vote for Doug Henning is a vote for George Bush.

So until we virtually meet again, thanks for reading,

scratch and sniff



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