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mr bubble

horned toad

Cartoon Road Kill from July 1993, caught atop a digital “Highway to Hell(o).”

Your cursor will serve as a virtual spatula to scrape the images off the screen and into your frontal lobe, as you click on the black and white pictographs to view larger versions and read their sacred texts.

Not a particularly distinguished batch, but not a total embarrassment. Partial embarrassment? Perhaps. As is oft the case, the artist may not always be the best judge of the work.

Oh well, not too much to really drone on about as I’m easily distracted with many a summer diversion.

You’re always encouraged to add to these distractions by dropping me an email.

Since there is a rather arbitrary asphalt theme this month, I’ll leave you with some of Rudy Wulitzer’s poetic dialogue spoken by Warren Oates and James Taylor (yes THAT James Taylor) in the Monte Helman film “Two-Lane Blacktop”:

G.T.O.: Well, here we are on the road.

The Driver: Yup, that’s where we are all right.

I certainly can’t follow that. So until next month, I pull down the red velvet curtain and bid you a theatrical “adieu”,

scratch and sniff


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