Hello, “Virtual Valentines,” and/or those of you who just like to dress in diapers and shoot arrows (yes, I’m typing to you, residents of the 800 acre “Ted Nugent Retirement Community” in rural northern Michigan).

The “web tech fetishist” readers might notice I’ve switched from my usual setting of text as “gif” images to using actual uh, “text”. Hopefully everything will look semi-correct on your screen, but if anything seems particularly amiss, do not hesitate to e-mail.

Meanwhile, the “Sequential ‘Kidnews’ Cartoon History” continues this month with a quartet of black and white images from February 1993. As is most always the case, you can click on the cartoons to see enlarged more “reader-friendly” versions, along with notes, digressions, and explanations.

Seems “the more things change, the more they stay the same” [or insert some other cliché you prefer here]. Eleven years ago (cartoon upper left) the Super Bowl halftime “outrage” was M.J. grabbing his crotch during his musical performance. Perhaps in 2015 we can look forward to seeing Tito displaying his copious genital piercings thus, sullying the otherwise heart-warming patriotic salute to president Jeb Bush and our continued war on abortion (a.k.a. “fetal terrorism”).

Lord help us all.

Thanks for reading,


'super' breast

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