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selling crap


“Why?” You might ask.

Essentially, if I ever hope to get another book together, whilst having a day job, something has gotta give time-wise. Thus, barring some lottery win, the monthly updating of this site has become less “fun” and more of an “obligation” / “time-suck” than I’d like.

In the meantime:

1)  There are literally hundreds of pages in the “archives” of this website for you to troll through.

2)  Do feel to drop me an email, which I hope to be more prompt in answering than I have been during the past six or seven months.

3)  You can also continue to “subscribe” to receive any breaking “news” and/or the occasional website update notice.

4)  Buying things is always encouraged, as are donations for continued cat upkeep (and if you really can’t help yourself you can purchase “gifts” for me from amazon— I’ve typed it before and I’ll type it again, I have no shame).

5)  There is no five.

Until, I’m not sure when,


Donations to “The Adam Green Cageless No-kill Kitty Shelter and Feline Rehabilitation Clinic: where sensitive souls having difficulty dealing with no longer receiving monthly website exposure are weened off the drugs and alcohol used to dull their narcissistic injury” are currently not tax deductible, but will certainly help support this organization.